​​The Real Roni Raye

 I began my career in the early 90's.  I was in my 20's while living in Kansas working as a dental assistant. I decided to pose nude for a photographer who encouraged me to submit my photos to several men's magazines. I was contacted by Velvet Magazine and was flown to New York City to do my first layout. Shortly after being published for the first time, I was fired after my bosses wife discovered the nude pictorial. After loosing my job as a dental assistant, I decided to try adult modeling full time because I had so much fun showing off.  I submitted my material to several men's magazines and ended up being published in over 40 various adult publications. During that time, I appeared in several amateur videos & began work as a phone sex fantasy voice artist. I worked for over 20 years in the phone sex industry learning the art of dirty talk & fantasy role play. 

Over eleven years ago, I began a "new chapter" in my adult entertainment career as a web cam performer! I work full time as a cam model these days. I have always enjoyed showing off, being naughty & getting lots of attention.  Even as a "mature" older performer, now 53 years old, I am amazed at how well received I have been. I am thankful to be doing something I enjoy so much!

These days besides being a web cam model, I run my own website, sell video clips, do phone sex & naughty texting. There are links on this site to find me on cam, become a member of my site & other things you can do to support me as my fan. I truly appreciate all of my devoted admirers and fans. It's amazing to have so many of you follow me through my career as long as you have. Thank you! I hope to see you stop by my cam room and say hi sometime. I would love to do a private one on one show with you so that we can get to know each other.

Roni Raye